Publications & Reviews

What I’ve Written…

  • April 2017 – “Stop Making Your Words Fancy” published in The J.J. Outré Review. Read
  • September 2016 – “The Mantis and The Fox” and “Better Moans and Gardens” published in the anthology Longing from Sapiosexual Press. Purchase
  • August 2016- “Steam & Hot Air” produced as a podcast by Gallery of CuriositiesListen
  • August 2016- “Steam & Hot Air” published in the Summer issue of Mad Scientist Journal. Read | Purchase
  • June 2016- Northern Dandy, a collection of short humor and tongue-in-cheek poetry, published by Sapiosexual Press.
  • 2014- “So Much of Certain Things,” a tribute to China Mieville’s Embassytown, performed on the spoken word album Enflame from Esoterotica. Listen & Purchase. (Not a humor piece, but some people really seem to dig it.)
  • 2014- Co-wrote and performed in the play Beyond Desire at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Read | Purchase
  • 2014- “Bustle & Flow: A Bodice-Ripper” and “So Much of Certain Things” published in the anthology Enflame from Sapiosexual Press. Purchase
  • 2013- Co-wrote and performed in the play Pervspectives at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Read | Purchase

What’s Been Written About What I’ve Written…

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