Northern Dandy

All sales of my book through January FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES will be donated to The Trans Lifeline.


Northern Dandy is a collection of brainy and bawdy humor pieces I’d originally performed with the show Esoterotica here in New Orleans. It includes three Choose-Your-O. . . ahem. . . “multiple-choice misadventures,” several style parodies, an anti-fuckboy infomercial, and my series of Rhode Island limericks. Because it’s about time somebody knocked that man from Nantucket off his high horse.

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Some praise from fellow performers and media:

“Northern Dandy is filled with puns, allusions, and indulges itself in deconstructing fantasy. You know: good clean fun.”
-Andrew Mullins, review in Antigravity Magazine.

“Wit, humor, a compassionate mature view of sexuality and masculinity.”
-Geoff Munsterman, poet, editor & bookbinder of Next Left Press.

“Please keep making passion filled nerdy work.”
-Kataalyst Alcindor, nationally-renowned slam poet.

“Served up with laughs that make you feel like you’re in on the joke that is human sexuality. ”
-‘Ariel’ on Goodreads.