New News!

Aaand after several months of the tedious domestic stuff that comes with living in a city where the housing market is being devoured by AirBnBs, I have writing stuff to promote and blog stuff to somewhat feel ashamed about the word “blog” when doing because it’s not pleasant as onomatopoeia.

I don’t know what the deal is with certain other ebook retailers’ listings, but Barnes & Noble has the ebook version of Northern Dandy up for $2.99! Sashay through a multiple-choice misadventure by pushing fingers into your screen instead of risking paper cuts!

A few months back someone noticed that Esoterotica’s spoken word albums were up on Spotify, something they didn’t necessarily agree to. Instead of going through some convoluted legal process, they decided to just run with it and get their own account and playlists going. Here’s one I made for them, and the only band I’m embarrassed to have on it is The Hippos.

There’s a lot more stuff lined up for me in the fall so expect whatever service you’re reading this on to blip slightly more frequently than it has. Until then, buy my (current) book!


Three Reviews

I don’t know how effective longer reviews on personal blogs really are, so I’m experimenting with shorter ones that’d fit on Goodreads since reviews on there seem to matter to industry people. However, my blog still craves content. So here’s three reviews of books that aren’t related aside from the fact that authors have signed them and I think more people need to know about ’em!

Part of me likes the idea of not really theming the reviews I group together here since a lot of books I’ve enjoyed were just blindly stumbled across while I was trying to find something else, so… here goes an attempt at recreating that.


Stay Crazy, by Erica Satifka

I think a lot of portrayals of mental illness in media lack necessary nuance. In Stay Crazy, Emmeline struggles with the stigma of taking or not taking medication, worries over telling friends and family, and still manages to save the world from malicious interdimensional beings in the midst of all that.

The plot with Escodex and the potential invasion keeps the book moving at a steady pace, and the surreal elements have just enough deniability (at first) to put readers off-balance. Despite the alien provocateurs trying to contact Emmeline through RFID tags at her dead-end retail job, the book stays fairly grounded when dealing with her conditions, never stooping to basic “lol she just cra-ha-haaazy” jabs at her expense. There are plenty of jabs, though! They’re just all punching up.

Marrero, by Kataalyst Alcindor

Being in the audience of a good poetry slam is a better experience than having sex on the moon and I’m not gonna brook any complaints from more academic poets on that subject. Kataalyst is one of the best slam poets I’ve gotten to see here in New Orleans and, while the whole experience can’t be conveyed in print form, the words alone still hit like a pallet of cinderblocks.

There are some excellent indictments of America’s failings featured in Marrero, but the poem I found most interesting was “When Dating a Sexual Assault Survivor.” When it comes to men addressing sexual assault in writing, it feels like the default mode is to speak aggressively about the perpetrators. Kataalyst takes a different route and speaks with eloquent sympathy for the victimized and cautious optimism for those they let in to their lives. It’s fucking potent. Watch it here on Write About Now, then time your next New Orleans vacation to coincide with one of his readings because goddamn.

The Ultra-Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again, by A.C. Wise

With a stylized cover like that, I wasn’t really expecting anything more than fun camp with a nod towards representation. How glad I was to have underestimated this book.

Yeah, the Glitter Squadron’s adventures are full of 70s scifi action facing off against gribbly aliens and ancient mummies. But the Squadron members themselves are all well developed outside of their monster-fighting capacity. Before we see Bunny fight a sea monster, for example, we know why she became Bunny. But it shouldn’t be surprising that a confident, self-possessed character with healthy social support fares better against Lovecraftian horror than Lovecraft protagonists do. Wise’s thoughtful characterization even comes through in the themed cocktail recipes interspersed throughout the collection!

Transcript of “Elysian Trumpet for sale”

Earlier today on the New Orleans Craiglist, there was an ad posted that appeared to have been written by Irvin Mayfield. It was purporting to sell one of the city’s largest symbols of municipal neglect, the Elysian Trumpet. It may well have been a fake ad, but for those of us living in this marvelous-though-mishandled city, it gave us hope. Hope that a man could change. That someone could redress their own wrongs and swallow their pride like a thousand-dollar breakfast.

Of course I printed out a copy as soon as I saw it because I knew a humorless dick was going to report it.

Here’s a transcript of the ad. I do not know who those named at the end are, and I didn’t post the original ad. #MakeNOJOPay

Elysian Trumpet

$1,030,000 OBO
24k gold finish, gems, semiprecious stones, Fleur De Lis-all that stuff. This trumpet is NICE.
The Elysian Trumpet is one of the most guarded and elaborate musical instruments ever made. I’m only selling it because I need cash for a really good attorney and I’d like to go out for breakfast tomorrow.

It is insured by Lloyd’s of London for $1 million, and the policy is paid up through September. Horn comes with an armed guard. He’s been waiting on a paycheck from me for a couple months. Hopefully he won’t be so demanding with you.

I kinda share the trumped with some other folks who also think it is completely reasonable to spend buckets of money on one instrument when our city needs so much. I’m in pretty tight with most of these people, and they’ll do whatever I say, so it’s cool with them if I unload the trumpet.

Those people are:
Elizabeth A. Boh
E. Renae Conley
Richard Michael Conley
David Allard duPlantier, Spiritual Warden
Jeffery Brian Goldring
William H. Hines
Stewart Juneau
Big Daddy K
Ronald Markham Jr.
Ken Mask
Lance Ostendorf
Daniel Fredric Packer Jr.