A Review, A Con, and Theatre Stories

Random updates to publishing ventures this weekend!

My short story “Steam & Hot Air” was praised in a writeup of Gallery of Curiosities on the blog Steampunk Way of Life. Thanks, folks!

I went to Bouchercon here in NOLA this weekend, got some signed Ken Wishnia books, had to snark on a guy for expressing surprise that we’re not a blight-addled swampscape a decade after Katrina, and got handed an entire pint bottle of whiskey by what I sure hope was someone officially employed on the con’s behalf. Hm.

This Sunday also marked the publication of two books I’ve contributed to! Longing is Esoterotica’s third anthology which includes a style parody of a favorite author of mine and a (rare!) actual confessional essay. Beyond Desire is a reissue of their first anthology which removes some material from performers who’ve parted ways and includes the scripts to our two Fringe shows. Our collective stories about the production of these shows could probably run longer than the scripts themselves, but I’ll share two of my favorites.

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Next Left Press

As an author whose book was released through a small publisher, at the start, I was worried about what kind of quality my eventual book would have. I don’t mean the words that I put into it, I mean the aesthetics of it. You can’t read small press authors without picking up on the fact that there are some pretty good books out saddled with lazily-designed covers and the same pupil-numbing sans serif font used for everything inside. Adage be damned, a book’s appearance can entice or repulse potential readers, and sometimes a well-designed book can be an art object all its own. Mine isn’t necessarily, but I know somebody who has made several.

Geoff Munsterman, who designed Northern Dandy, made a beautiful book out of what otherwise would have just been “zachb_collection.rtf” sitting on my desktop. He got a gorgeous, thematic image for the cover, designed and arranged the title around it, and even kept its color scheme in line with the other collections Sapiosexual has released.


His artful design touches are all over the thing — inside as well. It’s faint in the picture, but there’s a cursive shadow beneath every title. Classy! I didn’t give him any guidelines for the interior, it didn’t even occur to me, but he put a wonderful amount of thought into it. When I’m at a reading I need to dress up to look as good as this book. Geoff’s book designs are swanky enough to meet the dress code at Commander’s Palace.


Geoff Munsterman, and his chapbook operation Next Left Press, have been severely hit by the recent flooding in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. He’s lost the vast majority of his bookmaking supplies, thread and paper, to say nothing of the numerous books in his personal collection. If any of you are in the market for poetry manuscript critiques, design work, or considering putting out a hand-bound chapbook, I’d urge you to get in touch with him. He has done amazing work for my friends and I, and I would not be nearly as excited about being an author if the book I’m pushing didn’t look as good as he made it.

You can see more examples of his work at http://www.nextleftpress.com/ and get in contact with him at nextleftpress@gmail.com.

“Steam & Hot Air”

I’m wicked happy to announce my first legit-published short story has gone live on Mad Scientist Journal! If you’re into steampunk, it’s got a bunch of steam-tech in it! If you aren’t into steampunk, it doesn’t have a very high opinion of it! Get you a story that can do both.


Give it a read here.

You can also get print/digital copy of the entire issue, featuring another two dozen clever spins on mad science, and support the mag on Patreon if you’re so inclined.

Words & Music Reading!

Attention New Orleans literary scene!

I’ve been chosen to read at the Faulkner Society’s 25th annual Words & Music festival next week! If any of you will happen to be in the area, you can see me during the “Presentation of New Works” panel at the Hotel Monteleone on next Thursday, the 29th, at 4:45pm.

I’m wicked honored to have been included in the lineup, and I’m all too happy to let you know in advance that I’m reading a piece that debuted with the lewd & loquacious literati at Esoterotica. Those of you who can’t attend will be able to find an expanded version in print somewhere soon — the Faulkner folks are getting just the tip, baby, I promise.

Providence Fringe Festival!

Lack of updates on my end? That can only mean one thing. . .

Any of you who’ll be in the New England area can catch my show Bawdy Dates in the Ocean State at the Aurora, 276 Westminster Street in Providence, RI from Tuesday July 21st through Saturday, July 25th! That’s one hour of my best comedic Esoterotica material for all you Northerners who’ve been missing out these last couple years, and an indeterminate amount of awkward stage patter between them.

Come on out and see me, Rhode Island! Though I may be a comic, I sure won’t stand you up.